Saggy Stone Brewing Co.

Saggy Stone is a craft brewery based in the Nuy Valley near Robertson. We pride ourselves in brewing all our beers, using fresh spring water from our mountains.  

The Saggy Stone dream kicked off in 2007. After the founders, two brothers Phillip and Adrian Robinson, decided to buy a farm with the intention of growing and exporting fruit. The growing trend of microbreweries scattered in the Australian Outback’s vineyards led them to avail to become Robertson’s first “beer-brewing farm”.

It was Phillip’s recipes and Adrian’s 12-year stint as a baker that ensured they perfected the art of all-grain brewing. The beer brewed using the farm’s fresh mountain water convinced them that they were on to something great. Pure, moss-filtered spring water that flows over the smoothest granite, is the key to a great tasting craft beer and as the brothers now know, great mountain water, makes better beer.

Today, Saggy Stone offers 15 delicious and distinctively different beers, comprising a core range, seasonal range, as well as a growing list of Brewer’s Small Batch brews. We are a craft brewery that uses quality ingredients and local resources, while valuing creativity and authenticity, to produce the best beer that we can.

And the name?

While under construction, a troop of over-zealous baboons danced on the walls of Adrian’s gabion style lapa, causing the stones to sag. The name “The Saggy Stone Lapa” stuck, not only as a charming story but one that is as natural as Saggy Stone itself.