Rarely does the story of beer start with a baker, his brother and a Jacuzzi. But at Saggy Stone, this is exactly how a fruit and wine farm became a microbrewery, brewpub and restaurant.

Whilst in a Jacuzzi, brothers Adrian and Phillip Robinson, decided to buy a fruit farm situated in the heart of Nuy Valley, west of Robertson in the hopes of turning its grapes into wine and exporting its fruit overseas.

They changed course after travelling through Australia, where Phillip noticed a trend of microbreweries scattered in the Outback’s vineyards. This gave him the inspiration to become Robertson’s first “beer-brewing farm”.

Their dream kicked off in 2007, with a couple of experimental kit beers made for friends and family. A combination of Phillip’s recipes and Adrian’s 12-year stint as a baker, ensured they perfected the art of brewing using the all-grain brewing method, while discovering that the pure mountain water on the farm made the perfect pint.

Content with the outcome three years later, the plan was to distribute their beer to pubs but this left them feeling unsatisfied. Not knowing or being able to see how beer drinkers received their beers resulted in the birth of Saggy Stone Brewpub in 2010. Set amongst the plum orchards and built from natural river stone found on the farm, this pub puts the “craft” in craft beer.

Today, Saggy Stone offers 5 distinctively different and satisfying brews, the result of using only natural spring water found on the farm and taken from the head spring at the top of the Langeberg Mountains. This pure, moss-filtered spring water that flows over the smoothest granite, is the key to a great tasting craft beer and as the brothers know, great mountain water, makes better beer.

And the name?

While under construction, a troop of over-zealous baboons danced on the walls of Adrian’s gabion style lapa, causing the stones to sag. On inspection, his then 10-year old daughter called it “The Saggy Stone Lapa”. The name stuck, not only as a charming story but one that is as natural as Saggy Stone itself.



As rich in history as it is in flavour, The Saggy Stone Brewery gives real meaning to the term microbrewery. This intimate stone structure used to be a church and locals joke that it’s a building intent on making people sing. It now houses a custom-built, brewing system allowing us to maintain our personal touch.

Overlooked by the majestic Langeberg Mountains, the environment serves as inspiration while the pure mountain spring water gives Saggy Stone beers their edge. Saggy Stone is brewed using the finest barley and hops and the addition of fresh, sweet and soft spring water from the farm’s natural water supply offers a superior taste that only nature can provide.

As demand grows, so must the brewery but the brewmasters agree that as long as there’s a firm supply of “great mountain water”, they ‘ll continue “making great beer”. Watch the magic happen by booking a brewery tour or if the mood strikes and we’re available, we’ll happily show you around without an appointment.

To find out more about our kegs and beers, please contact us using the form.


With homebrewing becoming a favourite pastime and an ever-growing number of South African craft beers to contend with, Adrian and Phillip knew that their beers had to be special.
A hobby became a passion and after many years of testing and tasting, they realised that while ingredients and processes may vary considerably, a soft, palatable water is the secret. The result is a range of local craft beers made pure by their very own mountain water.




Set in the plum orchard and built by Adrian himself, the stone-walling effect and wooden-decked building now known as Saggy Stone Restaurant & Pub blends into the environment. It offers a homely, up-market setting that’s comfortable and relaxing. The bar is made from a huge chunk of reclaimed Gum tree to reflect its eco-friendly nature.

Surrounded by lush green grass,a central pond and a kid’s jungle gym, Saggy Stone offers a family-friendly location where parents can relax and soak up the spectacular mountain views while kids (and dogs) explore the area.

Guests are also encouraged to help themselves to ripe plums.


Before ordering, guests are treated to a “tasting” of Saggy Stone beers so everyone can find their favourite.

The menu caters to everyone, from home-made burgers and Adrian’s favourite, peri-peri chicken livers, done the way he loves to do them, to a beef and ale pie, eisbein or fish and chips, all cooked using Saggy Stone beer. The restaurant is known for its generous portions and rustic style cooking that tastes like home.


Saturdays are for chilling and enjoying some live music out in the country as you sip on a Saggy Stone draught.

Click here to go to our Facebook page for an update on our upcoming entertainment and events.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 11am to 4pm.

We are open all Public Holidays (except 24th, 25th & 27th December & 1st January) from 11am to 4pm.



Phone number: 083 453 3526 or 023 004 0301
Email: restaurant@saggystone.co.za
Website: www.saggystonerestaurant.co.za




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Amandalia Farm, Agtervinkrivier, Robertson 6705 GPS 33°41’35.6″S 19°43’05.6″E T. 083 4533526 E. info@saggystone.co.za Trading Hours Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 11am to 4pm. Public Holidays (except Good Friday,Easter Sunday,25th & 26th December, 1st January) from 11am to 4pm. But will be open on Easter Saturday and Family Day on Monday.

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Saggy Stone is situated on the Amandalia Wine and Fruit Farm up against the Langeberg Mountains halfway between Worcester and Robertson on the R60, Western Cape, South Africa.

GPS 33°41’35.6″S 19°43’05.6″E


Take the Nuy Valley turnoff from the R60 & follow the road for 6.2km. Turn right at the Amandalia sign and follow the road for a further 10km. (You will pass the Nuy Winery just after turning right) At the Saggy Stone sign, turn left and the restaurant and pub are 600m ahead.


Take the Agter Vink turnoff at Rooiberg from R60 and travel for 4km to reach a cross road. Continue straight on for another 6km until you see the Saggy Stone sign on your right.

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Saggy Stone

Saggy Stone is situated on the Amandalia Wine and Fruit Farm up against the Langeberg Mountains halfway between Worcester and Robertson on the R60, Western Cape, South Africa.
GPS 33°41’35.6″S 19°43’05.6″E