Our story

The Saggy Stone dream kicked off in 2007 after our founders 'The Two Brothers' Phillip and Adrian Robinson, decided to buy a farm with the intention of growing and exporting fruit.

Robertson’s first beer-brewing farm

Influenced by the growing trend of microbreweries scattered in the Australian Outback’s vineyards, they quickly added to the fruit to become Robertson’s first “beer-brewing farm”.

It was Phillip’s recipes and Adrian’s 12-year stint as a baker that ensured they perfected the art of all-grain brewing.

great mountain water, makes great-tasting beer

Once they brewed their first batch of beer using the farm’s fresh mountain water, it convinced them that they were onto something great.

Pure, moss-filtered spring water that flows over the smoothest granite, is the key to a great-tasting craft beer and as the two brothers now know, great mountain water, makes great beer.

Made with quality ingredients and local resources.

Since the first brew, our defining purpose as a family-run business is to deliver the best that nature offers in the freshest way possible while providing an authentic, memorable and exciting social experience for our beloved South African craft beer community.

At Saggy Stone, we are determined to showcase and educate the market about the art and craftsmanship of our beer, to ensure our product is enjoyed responsibly, and to be a force for good in our local community. 

Our unwavering belief in craftsmanship, quality and our commitment to using only the best ingredients nature offers is the key to our success. We pride ourselves on brewing our craft beers using only fresh spring water from our mountains.

Today, Saggy Stone offers a wide range of delicious and distinctively different beers, comprising a core range, seasonal range, and a growing list of Brewer’s Small Batch brews.

Saggy Stone craft beer is available fresh, on tap at any of our six taprooms located throughout Cape Town and its surrounding areas (Green Point, Kloof Street in Gardens, Somerset West, Amandalia Farm, Robertson and McGregor).

Saggy Stone believes that beer tastes better when shared with good people while enjoying good music. We support the local music industry and are committed to hosting events that make the beer, the music, and the company the heroes of the experience.

Customers can also enjoy our craft beers in the comfort of their homes by placing orders through our Online Shop, which delivers nationwide.


Adrian Robinson - Production Director

Simply put, Adrian just loves beer and the different styles we can make and serve.

He says that every day is different but craft beer is a constant pleasure!

Adrian's favourite Saggy Stone beer is our pale, sparkling and refreshing Citra Nova.

Liam McElhinney - Head Brewer

Oversees the brewing team and makes sure that all brewing standards are met. Controlling the fermentation tanks and production teams to ensure the quality of the beer. The creativity and possibilities are endless when it comes to brewing beer, you can never have a boring day.

Liam's favourite beer is Sabro.

Jan Witbooi - Senior Brewer

Jan is in charge of running the brew house and making sure the beer is brewed according to the recipe. He ensures we have good clean water for brewing and checks that the hygiene processes are up to standard.

He enjoys brewing because it's a fun interesting process and always wants to learn and find new ways to improve his brewing.

Jan's favourite beer is Rocky River.

Shalvyn Arendse - Assistant Brewer

Shalvyn is involved in the brewing process and running of the brew house. He makes sure that we have all the right ingredients and prepares them for brew days. He also assists the canning team on the production side. Shalvyn loves brewing because there are always new things to learn and has fun doing it.

Shalvyn's favourite drinks are the Brandy & Ginger Ale by Amandalia Craft Spirits and Desert Lager.