Banter with a Brewer

Banter with a Brewer
Meet Liam McElhinney, our head brewer, art director and one of the most chilled people you will ever meet. We asked him some questions so you can get to know him!

Q: How long have you been brewing for Saggy Stone?
A: I took over the brewing from Matt towards the end of 2018, so just over a year or so.

Q: How are you enjoying living full time in Robertson?
A: Robertson is a beautiful town and has been a good change of scenery, moving from the hustle and bustle of Cape Town. At first my family was shocked when I said "We're moving to the country" but my wife calmed down when she heard it was 'wine country' and my son loves coming to the brewery and running around on the farm.

Q: How do you choose which beer to brew next?
A: Most of the new beers all the year before, as we need to plan ingredients and designs etc. I'll usually come up with a few ideas or themes for the year and then sit with Phillip and Adrian to decide on which beers we'd like to brew the following year. We look at trends that are happening in the industry, beers styles we haven't brewed before and also what we at Saggy Stone would like to brew.

Q: What is your first beer memory?
A: Sipping the last of my dad's beer from an Ohlsson's can!

Q: Anything on your #BeerBucketList?
A: You're kidding, that list is way too long for this newsletter. But the list starts in Belgium.

Q: What is your favourite thing about being a brewer?
A: Creativity! There is just so much that you can do with beer, new ingredients, processes and technology that allow us to brew what ever we can come up with. To be able to open a can of something you were involved in from the beginning is very rewarding.